Spain Wine Regions

In Spain, the wine sector is a very important part, not only in the economy, but also of the society and culture. Wine contributes to our country's image and is a pole of attraction for visitors and tourists; we have a responsible and sustainable sector, with its environment and with the people around us; it is an engine of development in many small towns and cities of our geography, it structures the territory and offers quality employment; it is a symbol of tradition but it is also a leader in innovation and research; it is the reflection of the good work of thousands of companies and winegrowers throughout the country.

  • Latitude: 36 - 43 degrees

  • Acres: 2.9 million (1.2 million hectares)

  • Wineries: 4300+

  • Viticultural Areas: 70+


Spain Wine Regions Map

Wine Industry Regional Associations

Discover the member organizations that are aiding producers’ success in the various wine areas of Spain.