Italy wine regions

Italy has enjoyed significant growth in its wine industry since 2014. The volume of wine produced has increased by around 34% in the past five years, from 4.2 billion litres to 5.6 billion litres. In 2018, Italy registered a production of around 19% of wine globally, indicating a increase of 29% since 2017. This reflects a great dominance of the market by the Italian industry. Today, the revenue of the Italian wine company has increased to 6.2 billion euros. Furthermore, the industry has succeeded in increasing the total value of Italian wine by 70% during the last decade, which means an increase in the profits received per bottle for the producers.

  • Latitude: 41° 17' 32.86" N / 12° 34' 25.00" E

  • Acres: 1,730,000

  • Wineries: 310,000

  • Viticultural Areas: 329


Italian wine regions map