Community of Madrid

The Community has one denomination of origin, Vinos de Madrid. This is a protected denomination of origin established in 1990 and based in Madrid (Spain). It certifies that these wines have been produced in the region of the Community of Madrid (Spain) and that they have passed the appropriate quality controls. The board in charge of establishing and supervising these quality controls is the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin "Vinos de Madrid". This Council is also in charge of promoting the quality of these wines. Most of the production is focused on young reds and rosés (Navalcarnero subzone) and whites, some of which are excellent for aging (especially those of the Arganda subzone). There are, however, Crianza reds, some sparkling wines, and the characteristic "sobremadre". It is a very young appellation of origin, but all the wineries that compose it are making an effort to create quality wines and every day they produce better wines.

  • Latitude: 40 degrees

  • Acres: 29652.646 (12000 hectares)

  • Wineries: 52

  • Viticultural Areas: 4

Viticultural Subregions