Basque Country

In the north of Spain (specifically in the Basque Country) a very special wine has been produced for more than 500 years. The chacolí -or txakolí in Basque- is acidic, fresh, and very good for pairing with seafood because of its salty notes. We tell you about it. The production goes back to the old Basque farmhouses, those places in the middle of the countryside where people live under self-sustainable food systems. It was a drink that was formerly made from the vines in the backyards and its current characteristics are due to the lack of enology specialization. Soon, the defects became qualities and today the chacolí is one of the jewels with denomination of origin of Euskadi.

  • Latitude: 42 - 43 degrees

  • Acres: 31382.383 (12700 hectares)

  • Wineries: 93

  • Viticultural Areas: 3